Tuesday, November 24, 2015

L.A. Colors High Shine Shea Butter Lipgloss Review!

Colors Listed From Top to Bottom: Baby Cakes, Dollface, Snuggle,
Playful, Hyper, Flaunt, Dynamite, Lavish
Hello everyone, I recently came across these lipglosses from L.A. Colors. The L.A. colors website claims that these glosses are super shiny and will keep lips soft, it also claims that it is nonsticky. So are these things true? I will tell you below!

SHINE - So the most important thing in a lipgloss is probably the shine and for this gloss I can say that it is pretty good when it comes to glossiness. The glitter ones are of course the shiniest ones but the non glitter glosses have a really nice sheen also.

PIGMENTATION - The pigmentation of this lipgloss is good but not excellent, you will have to apply this to both your upper and bottom lip. This is unlike some lipglosses that are super pigmented and give you great color from just a swipe on the bottom or top lip. And another thing that I noticed is that it can be a little streaky if you move your lips a certain way with some of the colors, for instance if you pucker you will get that streaky appearance. One of the colors that does not do this is Dynamite.

TEXTURE/FEEL - For the glitter glosses you can feel the glitter a bit but it is nothing super annoying to the point where you feel you would much whether leave the gloss alone than deal with the texture. The non glitter glosses feel almost like an oil but just thick enough to feel like the product is actually coating your lips. Both the glitter have a nice feel and don't feel sticky at all.

STAYING POWER - The staying power of these glosses is okay but nothing special, as a matter of fact I think the staying power of  L.A. Color's Glossy Lips lip gloss is better than these even though they are a dollar less. But one thing I do like about the gloss, even though it does not last for an extended period of time, they won't dry your lips out like some lip glosses.

OVERVIEW - In conclusion these lip glosses are really great for the price and come in a variety of shades, 18 to be exact! But I feel like the shades lack in range, most of the colors are super light and can be even lighter on the lips than they are in the packaging, if you are darker than me you might find it difficult to find more than a few shades that will compliment your skin tone.

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful!

Thank you for reading and be beautiful! (^_^)

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