Thursday, August 13, 2015

Review: Beauty Treats Matte Blush Palette+Swatches

Hello Everyone, I haven't posted something in so long but I am back with a review for the Beauty Treats matte blush palette. I found this palette at Burlington for an unbelievable price, like seriously hold onto your chairs or sit down if you are standing. This palette was only $5.99+taxes (I think retail price for this palette is $12.00)! So I'm sure you are thinking that this palette must be terrible, quite the opposite, I will separate this review into three different categories. Pigmentation, usability, and staying power on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

Pigmentation - 10 out of 10

Usability - This one is kind of subjective, but for me I give this a 10 out of 10, If you are like me and love pink and oranges, you will more than likely get a lot of use out of this palette. There are quite a few colors to choose from, from subtle to bold and the bolder ones can be toned down if you use a light hand.

Swatches are in the exact order as the blushes in the palette.
Staying Power - 10 out of 10, the longest I have had this blush on is 12 hours and at the end of that 12 hours it still looked just as good as when I had first applied it. Which on that day wasn't so good because it was early in the morning and I am not really a morning person, So I slapped on a little too much blush. So let that serve as a lesson for this blush, make sure you don't put on too much because it will be there all day long!

Overall this blush is amazing, If I were to have swatched and worn this blush without having known the price I would have easily thought it would have been more high end. I can't really think of any negatives when it comes to this blush, it is not excessively chalky, it's long lasting, very pigmented (which can be a drawback for some people). If you are looking for an affordable blush palette with great quality you should definitely look into this one!

Thank you for reading and be beautiful! (^_^)

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