Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Co-Wash not cutting it but you dont want to use a harsh shampoo? Get this!

If you have read any of my previous blog post where I am talking about hair or shampoo most likely you will know that for the most part I cannot stand sulfate and as of late the one shampoo that has sulfate in it that I like has not exactly been my go to. So for those of you who use a lot of product or just have a greasy scalp you are probably thinking well what the heck do I do with my hair and scalp. Worry not, I have just the thing for you, this product has been used for centuries to cleanse the hair and aid in hair growth. It is called Shikakai and it does not come in a shampoo form but instead as a powder that you can mix with oil or water, it effectively cleanses the hair (better than conditioner in my opinion) but it does not strip it. I cannot speak on the hair growth properties of it because I only use this product once a month and I co-wash my hair the rest of the month. But I can say that it does leave the hair clean without making it feel dry and lifeless. Especially if you mix it with an oil, when I first used it I made a paste with water and quickly discovered that it worked better on my hair when it was more of a liquid like consistency. This second time I mixed it with grapeseed oil and I liked how it worked even more, the only thing I don't like about shikakai powder is how hard it is to wash out. If you have shorter hair or if your hair isn't as course as mines I am sure that it will be much easier for you to wash out. When I got mines I just followed the instructions on the back of the box as far as how long to leave it on but I used my own judgement as far the consistency.
If you are interested in Shikakai powder you can find it on my Luvocracy page which is linked below.

Thank you for reading and be beautiful! (^_^)

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