Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Getting over a cold? Use this mask to revive your skin.

I recently came down with a cold, well technically I'm still recovering from it but it should be gone by tomorrow. One thing I can't stand about colds (among many other things) is what it does to my skin, it makes my skin dry and dull. Thankfully Ulta had a sale on the Freeman mask and I stocked up! I remembered that I had a hydrating and brightening one, I was a bit skeptical since it is Summer and most things that are supposed to hydrate the skin make my skin oily during this time of the year. Fortunately this was not the case with this mask, I was amazed with the results. The first thing I noticed was the texture, It was like the texture of hair gel and it didn't harden like most mask. After I washed it off, my "cold skin" was gone and it left my skin as the mask claimed, it was hydrated and brightened. 

I purchased my Freeman Facial Brightening Golden Grain Mask at Ulta for $3.99 at their buy one get one free sale 

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