Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Want gel nail shine WITHOUT the gel manicure cost?

Hello everyone, I was just polishing my nails and when I put my top coat on I realized it looks very similar to gel nails. Now I won't say that this top coat will give you the staying power of gel nails but the shine is pretty darn close. You guys are probably thinking that this top coat cost at least $10 but think again, it only cost $1.99! It can also be found at a bunch of stores, It is N.Y.C In a New York Minute polish in Grand Central Station (for some reason they  never label it as a top coat but it is). This top coat dries fast, gives great shine, and is super affordable. N.Y.C does have a top coat in their regular line for $0.99 but it makes the nail polish crack (the nail polish not your nails).

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