Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Top 5 Autumn Parings (Lip Gloss/Lipstick, Blush, Eyeshadow, and Nail Polish)

Today I will be doing my top pairings for Autumn, you will find a description of each below!

Wet n' Wild's Cherry Bomb (918D) and N.Y.C's Nail Polish in Lincoln Center are both gorgeous oxblood colors, for my top 5 lipsticks post I included products that were a little on the lighter side. But this one is definitely dark and bold, I love oxblood and for some odd reason Wet n' Wild just so happened to make a lipstick that is the same color as one of N.Y.C's nail polishes. I would wear this at the beginning of  Autumn all the way through Winter, you can find both of these products at Rite Aid and Kmart, each are a $1.99.

Wet n' Wild Sugar Plum Fairy (908C) and N.Y.C's Nail Polish in Manhattan
So the person who chooses the colors for the Wet n' Wild matte lipstick collections must be best friends with the person who chooses the colors for the N.Y.C In a New York Minute Collection! Because so far I have found at least two lipsticks and nail polishes from these collections that match each other perfectly. This pairing is just as vampy as the last one but this is Aubergine, this is one of the hot colors of the season. This is also something I would start wearing at the beginning of Autumn and continue wearing through Winter. Both of these products can also be found at Rite Aid and Kmart for $1.99 each.

e.l.f. HD Blush in Encore and e.l.f Glossy Gloss in Sweet Salmon sometimes I like to keep it simple if I am rushing to get somewhere and don't have time to do a full face. I will only apply foundation, blush, and lipstick or gloss, this is a great pairing because the blush is very bold and the lip gloss is very subtle. When applying this blush start with the smallest amount possible because it is very pigmented! Both of these products can be found on the e.l.f. website for $3.00 each.

Wet n' Wild Comfort Zone Palette (738) and NYX Round Case Lipstick in Louisiana (LSS634) is for those looking for a neutral look with a pop (the lipstick). This palette is a neutral palette but it is far from boring, one of the best colors in this palette is the definer on the green side. It is brown from some angles but from other angles it is a stunning brown with turquoise shimmers! The lipstick is a strawberry color, the brightness of the lipstick complements the neutral colors of the eyes without being super crazy bright. You can find this palette at most drugstores for $4.99 and the lipstick can be purchased at Ulta for $3.99.

Wet n' Wild Blue Had Me at Hello Palette (737) and NYX Pinky Nude (XLC06), I just love pink and blue together! and I think this look is beautiful all year round, the other pink tube you see that is beside the lip cream is a Glam Luxe Aqua lip gloss in I'm Coming Out (that was a mouthful!) also from NYX. Sometimes I put this gloss on top of this lip cream, I also love that a lot of these lip glosses have a name from the disco era! This palette can be found at most drugstores for $4.99 and the lip cream and lips gloss can be purchased at Ulta for 5.99 each.

If you are an online shopper and would like to find all of these products in one place you can stop by my Luvocracy page, the link is below! I haven't completely figured it out yet but I am pretty sure you can message me there so if you come to my page, message me I would love to hear from you!

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Thank you for reading and be beautiful!

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