Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Thank you to all of my Viewers

Hello everyone! I just wanted to thank all of my viewers for reading my blog, I have given a thank you to every place that has viewed my blog in the language of that place. ( I am so sorry If I left anyone out but it is only because I forgot, I appreciateeveryone that has viewed my blog!) I hope I have said thank you correctly in all of the languages, sorry if I didn't!

Korea - Kamsahamnida 감사합니다

Germany - Danke

Italy - Grazie

Israel - תודה

Kenya - Asante

Russia - Spasibo спасибо

Poland - Dziękuję

Martinique - Merci

France - Merci

United States - Thank You

Singapore - Thank You

Australia - Thank You

United Kingdom - Thank You

Canada - Thank You

Pakistan - شکریہ

If you would like to say hi you can find me on Twitter, my username is MsErika_M

If you would like to see my makeup looks you can find me on Instagram, my user name is laughing_loudly

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