Sunday, August 25, 2013

Review: Sinful Colors Sinful Shine nail color

Left to Right: Black on Black, Dark Room (Sinful Shine Collection)
Today I will be reviewing the Sinful Colors Sinful Shine nail polish, Sinful Colors claims that this nail polish is five times glossier than a patent leather shoe and it has Gel Tech which is supposed to give you a manicure that looks like gels. When I first got it I was a bit skeptical, I was thinking how in the world is a bottle of nail polish going to give me the same look as a gel manicure but I got it anyway. When I went to apply it I was confused as to what to do when it came to a topcoat, I did not know if I should put one on or leave it off for this polish because I wasn't sure how it would affect the results of the polish. I decided to go for a topcoat, used what I usually as my topcoat, N.Y.C's In a New York Minute topcoat. I followed my procedure for putting nail polish on, I put my basecoat on, two coats of the nail polish, then my topcoat. The first thing that I noticed was the consistency of it, it is very thick which I am perfectly fine with I love thick nail polish as long as it doesn't take hours for it dry or make it more prone to peeling. It is also pretty opaque, I think I could have gotten could've gotten away with one coat of this polish but I decided to put suggested to coats on, I noticed a difference between the regular Sinful Colors nail polish and the Sinful Shine nail polish. Aside from the shine the thickness of the polish, this one seems to stay on longer than their regular polishes; I would so that you can a week without chipping. Of course chipping is different for everyone depending on your lifestyle, I only have one drawback with this nail polish and that is the drying time, I think I have just been spoiled by quick drying topcoat. It typically dries all of my nail polishes pretty fast but this one takes about 20 minutes to dry completely which is a pretty far trade for the shine and the thickness that you get. This polish comes in a in 32 shades which is a major difference in color selections from the regular collection that comes in 80 shades but this is still a pretty good selection considering that this collection new. If you guys are wondering if some of the shades in the regular collection have been copied for the Sinful Shine collection and I would definitely say that there are some shades that have been copied. I know for sure the black from the regular collection has been copied for the Sinful Shine collection, there are some colors that are not an exact match for the regular collection but are similar to them. I love this nail polish and I would definitely buy it again.
Sinful Colors Sinful Shine nail polish collection exclusively sold at Walgreens, $2.99

Sinful Colors Sinful Shine collection colors

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