Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Product Review: Ulta 3 in 1 Beauty Smoothie in Coconut Lime Cooler

Hey everyone! Today I will be reviewing Ulta's Coconut Lime Cooler Beauty Smoothie, I have wanted to try one of these 3 in 1 beauty smoothies for a while but I went to Ulta and saw the price ($16.99) and thought no thank you. But I was recently in Ulta and saw one of these on the sale stand and thought I have to try this but I walked past it because I seriously do not need any more lotions or body washes. My bathroom has already been overtaken by them! I walked passed it again and I was almost to the front of Ulta but I had to walk back and get it, it was only $6.99, how could I pass that up. I could not wait to try it so I got home and used it immediately, it smells soooo good and leaves your skin incredibly smooth. I will say that it does not have the best lather though, I used two and a half pumps with my wash cloth and there wasn't much lather at all, I then used it with a scouring sponge using one pump and the lather still wasn't impressive but I love the fact that it has a pump. Another thing that bugs me is that the scent doesn't last any longer than fifteen minutes, which I guess is okay for me because I have a body butter and body mist that are coconut lime scented so I just layer them. I have not used it as bubble bath or shampoo because I don't think it would do anything but just strip my hair and I prefer oil in baths instead of bubble bath. I still cannot see myself paying the full price for this 3 in 1 beauty smoothie but if I ever come across one on sale I will probably buy it again. Ulta's beauty smoothie collection has 3 in 1 beauty smoothies, beauty smoothie lotions, and beauty smoothie crackling body mousses (I have absolutely no idea what that is!). This is not a bad product if it was being sold for it's sale price but I do not think that it is worth buying for its original price of 16.99, right now the beauty smoothies are on a buy 1 get 1 free sale.

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