Friday, August 9, 2013


Hello everyone! Today's (technically tonight's nails of the day) nails of the day are coming a bit late, today I wore Sally Hansen's sugar coat nail polish in "Sweetie", ($5.50, sold at most drugstores), I was at Kmart and of course I was looking through the beauty department. I noticed that these polishes were on sale for 2.75, I have wanted to try these for a little while and I thought since they were on sale I would get one. I would've preferred it in pink but that color wasn't available so I chose this pretty pale yellow, when I got it I wasn't sure If I should put topcoat on this or not so I tested it with topcoat and it still had texture. It just wasn't as textured as it is without topcoat, to keep that sugary texture I decided not to put topcoat on and use only a basecoat. 
Review Time!
Close up of Sally Hansen Sugar Coat nail polish in the color "Sweetie" 
This nail polish goes on easily and dries pretty quickly, another thing that I like about it is the color payoff. When I first put it on I thought this is so weird! My nails really feel like they have sugar on them, because this nail polish is so rough I would not suggest this to Mom's that have small children or to people who take care of small children. This could easily scratch them and if they're going through that everything goes in my mouth phase I definitely wouldn't wear this, it could cause a lot of tears if they are biting down on your finger and they scrape their gums on your nails. It is easy to get even coverage with the first coat of this nail polish but putting on the second coat is a bit tough because the first coat has already become "sugary". This is a super cool nail polish but like most textured nail polishes you cannot put a topcoat on with it without altering the texture of it which makes it prone to chipping. And my nails have already started doing that, I have only had this nail  polish on for a day and tips on a few nails are already chipped. If you are going to a special event or something or just want unique nails for the day I would suggest this polish. I mean how often are you able to say that my nails look good enough to say but also feel like something to eat! If you are looking for a nail polish that will stay on all week with minimal chipping this is probably not the one for you. If I saw this in the shade "Cotton Candies" (the pink shade) on sale I would more than likely pick it up but if I were to see more of these on sale in any shade other than the pink I mentioned I would not buy it.

Thank you for reading and be beautiful! (^_^)

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