Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I found some new stuff!

Hello everyone! Today I was out with my Mom and she decided to go to Kmart, now me being me the first thing I noticed was something beauty related. It was the Wet n' Wild stand that had all of the limited edition pop art collection on it, I already picked up the eyeshadow trios that I wanted from the collection so I looked on the other side of the stand. I scanned through the lipsticks and there it was, the lipstick I have been looking for everywhere I go, the Wet n' Wild Megalast lipstick in "Pinkerbelle". Let me explain why I was so excited to find this lipstick, I was on Pinterest a couple days ago and I found a MAC lipstick dupe chart and it made me want to try some of the dupes, I love pink lipstick and Wet n' Wild so the one that caught my eye was the dupe of MAC's "Viva Glam Nicki" lipstick. I have been looking everywhere I go for the past two days for this lipstick and today I found it, I was very shocked that I found it at Kmart but happy none the less. Then my Mom was looking for something and out of the corner of my eye I saw e.l.f nail polishes and thought no, that can't be it. I turned around and much to my surprise they were the e.l.f polishes, I didn't buy any because I am not exactly wild about e.l.f's nail polish formula; I think they changed the formula though. The next time I am at Kmart I might give them a try again, I just wanted to tell you guys this just in case you like e.l.f nail polish but did not want to order them online or you were tired of having to order them online. I am not sure if all Kmart stores carry either of these products they just had them at the one I went to, The "Pinkerbelle" lipstick was $1.99 and the e.l.f. nail polish was $2.00.

I forgot to mention I also found the entire Tree Hut Collection at Kmart, even some of their trial size stuff!

Thank you reading and be beautiful! (^_^) 💋

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