Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Foundations That Won't Melt Off in the Hot Summer Sun!

Hi everyone! It is pretty hot where I am at, it's like Summer just slapped me in the face! But thankfully my foundation is not feeling the pain, I have tried many foundations, Maybelline, Covergirl, Revlon, e.l.f. you name it and if it is in the drugstore chances are I've tried it! While testing out these foundations I have found that some of them are just fine in the Winter but come late Spring and Summer I feel like they are sliding off of my face and no one wants to look like a melting ice cream cone. I have some foundations that will not be having a slip n slide party on your face. All of these foundations are matte but I still wear powder (e.l.f.'s Complexion Perfection powder, $3.00 at Target) with them pretty much out of habit and definitely on my nose because I have a super oily nose. The prices listed below do not include taxes and may vary depending on your location.
The first one is Revlon's Colorstay foundation for oily/combination skin. I found out about this foundation while watching one of my favorite beauty vloggers on YouTube, Judy from It's Judy Time. This foundation has medium to full coverage, if you want to make it full coverage you have to put on two layers. This foundation is $9.99 at Target stores.
I tend to go through this rather quickly.
The next one is Maybelline's Superstay foundation. This foundation is full coverage and is amazing at covering up hyper pigmentation from old acne and redness in the skin. And unlike the Revlon foundation at last such a long time, I have one bottle for a little over a year and it is still half full. This foundation is $11.99 at Walgreens.
This clogs my pores like you wouldn't believe, I can wear this foundation and literally the next day I will have blemishes all over my face. But my Mom got the same foundation and she has had no trouble with it.
The new Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation is another beauty jem, it won't melt off of your face even without powder. One I was rushing to put on my makeup and forgot to pit on my powder I panicked but then I realized I had been out for a while and my foundation still looked great! I still put on powder with it just to make sure I stay matte, someone with skin that is more on the dry side should be okay even in the hot simmer sun with no powder on while using this foundation. This foundation is $9.99 at Target stores.
This foundation is amazing but I don't feel it is as full coverage as Covergirl
is trying to make it seem. I have to use concealer with this to get the same coverage that I get with the Maybelline foundation I mentioned.
A little tip: If you have a full coverage foundation and you don't need the coverage or you just want something lighter for the summer. Don't waste your money on a more lightweight foundation, instead wet your brush with just enough water to make it damp. Pour or pump out half the amount of foundation that you would normally use and apply foundation with your damp brush! Any places that you feel need a little more coverage just dab on some concealer over them (I suggest L'oreal's True Match Concealer, $7.99 at Wal-Mart).
My favorite brush for this technique of applying your foundation with a damp brush is the e.l.f. studio powder brush, $3.00 at Target stores, the density makes it great for applying foundation.
If you have seen my picture on my blog before and are curious to know what shade I am in in these foundations I am in the shade caramel in all of them. For the Covergirl one I mix in a little of NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat foundation in the shade caramel to lighten it up.
If you guys have any beauty problems in the Summer please leave them in the comments and I will try my best to help you with them and if you have any Summer beauty solutions please leave them in the comments as well.
Thank you for reading and be beautiful! (^_^)

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