Saturday, July 27, 2013

City Color Cosmetics Blush Quad in Collection 1 Review

The first color in the quad is shimmery but the rest are matte
Hi everyone! I will be doing a review for the City Color Cosmetics Blush Quad in Collection 1, I first heard about this company on YouTube while watching one of the beauty guru's that I subscribe to there. She was raving about the pigmentation of it and how beautiful they were, the entire time she was talking about them I was thinking I have to get my hands on these! As soon as the video was finished I went to the the website and I was amazed at the prices! Their matte lipsticks are $1.99, they have eye pencils for $1.99, and blush for as little as $2.99, but back to the blush. I tried the second blush from this quad while I was out yesterday and I love it! It did not fade one bit another thing that I really love about this blush is that it is not super powdery like some drugstore makeup brands such as e.l.f, I love e.l.f but there blushes and even their eyeshadows tend be a bit powdery. These blushes just glide onto your brush and onto your cheeks beautifully, when using these blushes be very careful because they are extremely pigmented, I tried all of them on my Mom who is about two shades darker than me and they still showed up on her. After seeing how pigmented the blushes are it makes me wish that I had have purchased the second quad, I think these quads could work for the darkest of the darkest skin tones and the lightest of the lightest skin tones. A tip for those that are fair (or even my skin tone) using a stippling brush like e.l.f's stippling brush (not the small one) to help to make the application lighter. All and all I think this is a wonderful product and the price is just unbelievable, I will definitely be ordering more products from City Color Cosmetics. Another thing that makes me want to order from this company is the customer service, I never got the shipping information for my order, I called and a lovely lady by the name of Denise got everything sorted out in less than ten minutes. So far this seems to be a wonderful company and the products seem to be just as good. Keep checking back here to see my review of City Color Cosmetics Jumbo eye pencil in Teal. You can get this blush for $4.99 at the City Color Cosmetics website, the link to the product will be below.

City Color Cosmetics Blush Quads

Thank you for reading and be beautiful! (^_^) 💋

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