Friday, July 5, 2013

An orange lipstick for every skintone!

Hi everyone! This morning I was thinking about orange lipstick and how it might be tricky for people to find the right orange lipstick for them. Some people might think they are too dark or too fair for certain orange lipsticks but I have an orange lipstick to suit every skintone. Are you ready for the big reveal, drum roll please! It is NYX round case lipstick in the color Haute Melon (number 583A), I love this lipstick, I have tried this on my Mom who is a few shades darker than me and it looks just as good on her as it does on me. The best part about this lipstick is that it is only $3.49 at Ulta! It isn't a matte lipstick but it isn't super shiny either, if you want the super shiny effect I would recommend using a NYX lip gloss over it (of course you can use any brand you like but I am suggesting NYX beacuse it is extremely shiny, get the lipgloss with the bow on the cap.) For all of those that were having a hard time finding the right orange lipstick I hope this helped you!

Thank you for reading and be beautiful! (^_^)

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