Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hi everyone! today's NOTD is coming a bit late because I had to take my phone into to get some problems fixed and it had to be wiped and my blogger app was deleted. So earlier today I went to upload my NOTD but I realized my app wasn't on here anymore, so I just got around to putting it back on my phone. Anyway, I typically don't wear red on my nails and toenails, that's actually my Mom's thing, I prefer dark nail polish. But I was thinking red toes would look really great with the shoes I wore today and I always match my nails to my toenails. So here is today's nails of the day. This nail polish is by N.Y.C. (New York Color) in the shade Big Apple Red Creme, $0.99.

Thank you for reading and be beautiful! *^-^*

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