Sunday, April 7, 2013


The color used in today's nails of the day is Purple Pleaser by e.l.f. this color was included in the Spring nail polish collection a year or two ago. I am obsessed with this color, it's not to dark but just dark enough for me and it is also a very versatile color, a great color to wear all year long. I had stopped wearing e.l.f. nail Polish for a while because it never seemed to dry but I decided to try it with the topcoat I have recently become obsessed with (N.Y.C.'s In a New York Minute in grand central station, $1.99). I was very pleased with the results, although it didnt dry as quickly as my other nail polishes it still dried pretty quickly. This nail Polish is only $2.00 on the e.l.f. website so basically you can cant go wrong! There is a link right next to the photo if you would like to look at this nail polish or any of the other e.l.f. polishes.      

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