Sunday, March 31, 2013

Review: Wet n' Wild Color Icon eyeshadow palette

I picked this up last month in "Petal Pusher" (actually my favorite Aunt bought it for me, she is so sweet!) and I meant to do a review for it but I couldn't because of tons of schoolwork. So I thought I would do it this morning, a few beauty gurus I watch on YouTube love this palette, so I thought I would try it. I have now joined them in their love for this pallette, I really like that you can go from soft and sweet to full on dramatic! Pretty much all of the colors in this palette are a variation of purple, they are all shimmery, and (except for two colors) surprisingly pigmented. I also tried the brush that was included, it was the best pre enclosed brush I had ever used but it is not something I would use unless I had to. This is a great product and if you get the chance you should try it. The Walmart (I typically don't go there but they are excellent for certain beauty products.) I went to had three of these palettes. I only remember the name of this one and the blue one which is called "Blue had me at hello"  and the other palette had earth tones if I'm remembering correctly. This palette and the other two like it were around $5.00. And just so you guys know, mix matching both sides of this palette can create some amazing looks! If you guys have anything you would like for me to review please leave a comment below (I don't do high end!)

I will include pictures of these shadows on my eyes in another post, probably later today.

Have a super happy Easter!!!

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