Wednesday, March 27, 2013

NOTD (Nails of the Day)

I bought a new N.Y.C. nail polish yesterday at my local Target because it was on sale for $0.84, so I thought I would look at the colors and see if there were any that I didn't have. My eyes locked on this one and I thought I have to buy this, I am in love with this color and I really like the fact that it is true to the color in the bottle (Like most N.Y.C. colors).

The name of this color is Tudor City Teal by N.Y.C. (N.Y.C. stands for New York Color in this case) nail polish and this is from their long wearing collection and not their in a New York minute collection. You can find this in certain target and Kmart stores, this line usually cost no more than $0.99.

Thank You for Reading and Be Beautiful.

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