Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Two Super Simple Tips for Drinking Water!

Hello Everyone, You might be wondering why I have something that is more health related on my website that is dedicated to beauty, well water is a vital component of beauty. It plays an integral role in all of our bodily functions, When I drink water I notice my hair is healthier, my skin looks better and clears up if I am having a breakout. And my skin also isn't as dry but for some people drinking water can be a challenge, they either don't like it because the taste is too boring or they just forget to drink it. I have two tips that I think will help you no matter what your reason is for not drinking water, they are right down below!

Tip #1 - If you are drinking water from a disposable water bottle throw the cap away or put it in the recycle bin.
This is something that really helps me to drink water because I don't like leaving my water open, so if I don't have the cap I am more inclined to drink the whole bottle instead of closing it up and leaving it there for a while.

Tip #2 - Make a drinking game
I actually came up with this one tonight, turn drinking water into a game, I was watching a YouTube video while I was drinking water. And I thought why not turn this into a game where every time I hear a certain word I take a sip of water, I finished a bottle and a half by the time the video was over! I suggest picking a word that you know you will hear a lot during the course of the video, I was watching a hair hacks for curly hair video, so every time I heard the word hair I took a sip of water.

I really hope these two tips help you to drink more water and please do not over drink water because that can result in water poisoning.

Thank you for reading and be beautiful! (^_^)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Top 3 conditioners for Co-washing!

When I went natural I did a lot of searching for the right products (Even before I went natural, actually but going natural will be my excuse for accumulating so many products!) Mainly the right conditioner, one that would make my hair soft and manageable. I will admit that I was a little too dependant on conditioners for I what I wanted and less focused on what proper nutrition, vitamins, and water consumption could do for my hair. But these are the conditioners that I use for co-washing that do wonders for my hair, even if I do kind of slough off on the water drinking for a day or two.
1. Suave Professionals Rosemary Mint Conditioner, Invigorating Clean (natural collection, it's the one in the green bottle)
This is my absolute favorite conditioner for co-washing, the Rosemary and mint really makes it feel like it is cleansing your hair. As opposed to sitting on top of your scalp but it doesn't feel like your hair or scalp is being dried out. The bottle also says that it is "salon proven to invigorate as well as Aveda" I wouldn't know because I have only ever tried one Aveda hair care product and it was horrible. The scent is another thing I love, it isn't perfume like but rather boast the scent described in the title. The rosemary and mint blend beautifully and I think it would work well for those who can't stand scents that will make them smell like they were just chased down by the Macy's perfume counter spritzer girls... all at once. 
• The consistency - not too thin, not too thick
• The scent
• The effectiveness, it cleanses well and conditions well
• It doesn't come in a gallon size!
This product sells for $2.97 for 28 oz. and $2.00 for 12.6 oz at Walmart
Pantene PRO-V Smooth & Sleek Finishing Conditioner
First let me start off by saying if it's Pantene and I hate it that means it's probably just a bad product because I am in love with Pantene! I have tried about 10 Pantene products and have loved them all, this product is no exception. This is my go to conditioner when I am wearing a straight style in the Summer and I am worried about my hair getting frizzy. Because we all have those nights when the air is not up as high as it probably could be because we thought it would get too cold in the middle of the night and you wake up looking like something reminiscent of the bride of Frankenstein. If you haven't been there, you are very fortunate but for those of you who do have hair that is easily riddled by frizz, this may be the conditioner for you. I love the fact that it offers frizz protection for 72 hours but I have gone longer than that before I had to reach for a heat styling tool (something like 4 to 5 days). I also like that it is enriched with argan oil, the new thing in the beauty industry is marula oil but I am sticking with this, now, oldie but goodie.
  • Does what it says it will on the packaging
  • Nice Packaging
  • It provides okay moisturization but if you have super dry hair like me you will definitely have to follow it up with a deep conditioner.
This product sells for $6.42 for 29.2 oz at Walmart

Pantene Truly Natural Hair Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner

Damn Erika, back at it with the Pantene! I just had to do that! Yes, another Pantene conditioner but the difference is this one is a proper co-wash, at least according to the label. This is Pantene's collection catered to black hair because it does seem like it does add a little weight to the hair, something that straight or thin hair probably could not handle.

  • Makes hair feel soft and moisturized

  • The scent, this product distinguishes itself as different from the other products in the Pantene line up, I think a different scent would be nice. Something different from the default Pantene scent, which is sort of perfumey and fruity.
This product sells for $5.97 for 20 oz at Walmart

All in all these condtioners are great but if you are reading this and trying to decide which one would suit you best I have listed hair problems/concerns below and what conditioner you might want based off of that.

You might want to try the Sauve Rosemary Mint Conditioner if...
you have an itchy/irritated scalp

it feels like most conditioners don't get your hair as clean as you would like

you prefer natural scents

You might want to try Pantene Smooth & Sleek Conditioner if...

you aren't looking for something deeply moisturizing

you just need something to control frizz

you would like a conditioner light in texture

You might want to try Pantene Truly Natural Co-Wash if...

you have dry coarse natural hair

you would like to try something that claims to be a proper co-wash

you like the idea of natural hair products without having to pay a lot of money

I hope you enjoyed this post and I also hope that you find something that can help you along your hair care journey!

Thank you for reading and be beautiful! (^_^)


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

L.A. Colors High Shine Shea Butter Lipgloss Review!

Colors Listed From Top to Bottom: Baby Cakes, Dollface, Snuggle,
Playful, Hyper, Flaunt, Dynamite, Lavish
Hello everyone, I recently came across these lipglosses from L.A. Colors. The L.A. colors website claims that these glosses are super shiny and will keep lips soft, it also claims that it is nonsticky. So are these things true? I will tell you below!

SHINE - So the most important thing in a lipgloss is probably the shine and for this gloss I can say that it is pretty good when it comes to glossiness. The glitter ones are of course the shiniest ones but the non glitter glosses have a really nice sheen also.

PIGMENTATION - The pigmentation of this lipgloss is good but not excellent, you will have to apply this to both your upper and bottom lip. This is unlike some lipglosses that are super pigmented and give you great color from just a swipe on the bottom or top lip. And another thing that I noticed is that it can be a little streaky if you move your lips a certain way with some of the colors, for instance if you pucker you will get that streaky appearance. One of the colors that does not do this is Dynamite.

TEXTURE/FEEL - For the glitter glosses you can feel the glitter a bit but it is nothing super annoying to the point where you feel you would much whether leave the gloss alone than deal with the texture. The non glitter glosses feel almost like an oil but just thick enough to feel like the product is actually coating your lips. Both the glitter have a nice feel and don't feel sticky at all.

STAYING POWER - The staying power of these glosses is okay but nothing special, as a matter of fact I think the staying power of  L.A. Color's Glossy Lips lip gloss is better than these even though they are a dollar less. But one thing I do like about the gloss, even though it does not last for an extended period of time, they won't dry your lips out like some lip glosses.

OVERVIEW - In conclusion these lip glosses are really great for the price and come in a variety of shades, 18 to be exact! But I feel like the shades lack in range, most of the colors are super light and can be even lighter on the lips than they are in the packaging, if you are darker than me you might find it difficult to find more than a few shades that will compliment your skin tone.

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful!

Thank you for reading and be beautiful! (^_^)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Why I Will Probably Never Use Biotin Again


If you stay anywhere near the beauty blogs or the beauty community of YouTube chances are, you've heard of biotin. Ah, yes, biotin! The magic pill that is supposed to bestow long, luxurious, 90s herbal essence commercial worthy hair upon to your head. But what no one tells you is that you might have a horrible breakout, before trying it I decided to do some research in it. I saw a couple women say that they had broken out from taking biotin, one woman said she combatted the skin problems by taking 50 mg of zinc. I had that on hand so I figuered I would take it with my biotin and that everything would be okay. I used the amount stated on the bottle and mixed it with my juice, the dosage was 3,000 mcg, which I do believe is a little high. But I figured whatever, it'll just make my hair grow faster, I started to see results within the first week of taking it. I don't necessarily think it was the amount of biotin as much as it is the way my body works. If something doesn't work for me within the first week or two it probably isn't going to do it for me. But I digress, day three is when I started to see blemishes appear, then a few days after, every dermatologist dream. A major Breakout! My entire jaw line was broken out, with at least 3 cyst and other blemishes that weren't quite white heads but not quite cyst. And I also had one cyst near my cheek, or as I think of it, highlighter zone. Which meant no highlighter for me until it goes away, the last time I took biotin was yesterday, I tried to stick it out but it has interfered with my skin too much. I will be trying gelatin in a few days and as I am typing this I am drinking NeoCell. I will let you know how the gelatin works for me and to make a long story short. Try biotin at your own risk, I get cyst on my face from time to time (I wouldn't call it cystic acne because it doesn't happen that often) but even women who were not susceptible to them got cyst while trying biotin.

Thank you for reading and be beautiful (^_^)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

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